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Lightings 2023 in Fasano

As the holiday season approaches, the heart of Puglia, Fasano, lights up with magic. This year, the 2023 illuminations created a light show that enchants residents and visitors alike, transforming the city into a true winter wonderland. Fasano celebrates Christmas 2023 with "Christmas Lights in Fasano: The World of Animals," transforming the historic center into a veritable urban jungle of lights and colors that is incredibly immersive! A grand spectacle centered on the universal flood introduced the lighting ceremony of the animal-inspired illuminations to mark 50 years since the Zoosafari opened to the public. Christmas in Fasano 2023 program The city for the occasion has initiated a series of events that will involve all citizens and visitors through initiatives aimed at creating unity and some fun. To find out the events and program of this Christmas 2023 in Fasano, click here. The world of the animals: the Zoo-themed light show The World of the Animals is the project financed by the Ministry of Tourism, the Region of Puglia and the Municipality of Fasano that dressed the city in animal-centered illuminations, and so a series of animal-shaped sculptures were installed and placed throughout the historic center illuminated with traditional chains. The lighting took place with a show that left the audience amazed by its poetic beauty: through a ballet with aerial dances, the story of the universal flood was told that has animals as its protagonists. Despite the busy evening, hundreds of people, not only from Fasano, flocked to Ciaia Square to witness a show in which dance, lights, baroque fires and choreography enchanted the audience: the gathering of the animals, the beginning of the deluge represented by an aerial dancer who at a height of 15 meters represented the fall of rain, the flooding of the waters, the arrival of the dove with the olive branch that announced the end of the deluge, the fireworks to represent the rainbow and the reconciliation between Earth and Heaven.
  The Magic of the Luminarie in Fasano continues For interested visitors, a large 16-meter-high Christmas tree will be set up in Piazza Ciaia on Dec. 8, from which the heads of the animals present at the Zoosafari will peek out in the form of light installations, as well as at the various events that will continue until next March.   The Charm of Apulian Boundary Villages As you explore the illuminations of Fasano, be sure to visit the surrounding villages. Alberobello, with its enchanting trulli; Locorotondo, a white jewel; Polignano a Mare, overlooking the crystal clear sea; and Bari, the city of tradition and innovation.
Each place tells a unique story of Puglia.
Book a Stay at Masseria Torrelonga To fully experience the Christmas atmosphere of Fasano and its surroundings, there is no better place to stay than Masseria Torrelonga. Nestled in the tranquility of the Apulian countryside, the masseria offers an authentic and welcoming retreat, ideal for relaxing after a day spent among the Christmas lights. Choose your favorite room and check availability. Fasano's illuminations are an irresistible lure for those seeking the magic of Christmas in Puglia. Book your stay at Masseria Torrelonga to fully immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere, explore the surrounding villages and have a unique experience in the heart of Puglia. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the illuminations and the warm welcome of Masseria Torrelonga. Happy holidays!

Masseria Torrelonga location of an event dedicated to Wedding Planners

If there is one region that embodies elegance, tradition and timeless beauty for a dream wedding, it is Puglia. And if the word "wedding" conjures up images of scenic backdrops, magical atmospheres and historical riches, then Masseria Torrelonga is the perfect place to turn your special day into an unforgettable experience.
Apulia is an increasingly popular destination abroad not only for VIP weddings, stars fascinated by Apulian masserias, but also for those who can afford luxury vacations in authentic and characteristic structures.
That's why wedding planners are often in Puglia on the hunt for new locations, like the 44 wedding planners who on Nov. 3-4-5 were in Fasano, between Masseria Torrelonga and Masseria San Giovanni for a three-day wedding trip. Getting married in Puglia: what it means for those who choose us It is about something different, a magical atmosphere that guests feel from the moment they arrive in Puglia. A land where history and the desire to innovate blend perfectly.
From the authentic values and overwhelming warmth that the locals convey, Masserias are the perfect setting for important events such as weddings.

"Wedding Trip" at Masseria Torrelonga: program and organization
About 40 wedding planners from all corners of the world had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an experiential journey into the excellences of our region, which is increasingly an elective destination wedding destination. Wedding planners were welcomed since the morning at Masseria Torrelonga for a picnic lunch on November 3, immersed in the greenery of our location with a breathtaking view and then moved to Masseria San Giovanni for a gala evening. It was a trip that welcomed industry operators and once again allowed the value of Made in Puglia to shine through.
It was a wonderful day dedicated to industry professionals, which began with the gentle awakening of a yoga session and ended with the pizzica steps and glitter of the gala dinner.
We would like to thank Alessandro Baccaro general manager of masseria San Giovanni and event manager of the Epoca Collection group for the experience and the opportunity to make Masseria Torrelonga affondo known. We would like to thank Alessandro Baccaro general manager of masseria San Giovanni and event manager of Epoca Collection group for the experience and the opportunity to introduce affondo Masseria Torrelonga.

Give a unique and unforgettable experience at Masseria

Unique Experiences at Masseria Torrelonga The warmth of summer gradually gives way to the magical and cozy atmosphere of autumn, and the charm of winter makes its way through the centuries-old olive trees of Masseria Torrelonga.
We are excited to welcome you to this special season and have prepared something truly extraordinary to make your stay even more unforgettable.
From October, and throughout the fall and winter season, by booking directly from our website for at least two nights, you will receive an exclusive treatment that will make you feel like you are in a dream. A Warm Embrace of Wellness at Masseria Torrelonga At Masseria Torrelonga, your comfort and happiness are our priority.
That's why, with our special fall and winter promotion, we are offering you a couples massage, we offer you a couples massage performed in our exclusive Melograno Room, the perfect way to relax and connect with those you love in an atmosphere of pure well-being. But it doesn't end there: you will also receive a unique Welcome Gift, consisting of a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil lovingly produced from the olives of our lands and a highly scented soap bar made from local olive oil. This is our way of sharing the warmth and tradition of Puglia with you. This fall and winter, come visit us at Masseria Torrelonga and let us pamper you. Book your stay on our website and enjoy Apulian hospitality with an extra touch of relaxation and wellness.
Be ready for an unforgettable experience of warmth, olive oil and pampering. We look forward to welcoming you!   An Unforgettable Gift Idea for Whom You Love If you are looking for a special gift for a birthday or any other holiday, we have the perfect idea for you.
Our fall and winter promotion at Masseria Torrelonga is a gift that will generate so much excitement.
Imagine surprising your partner, special friend or family member with a dream stay in Apulia for relaxation and wellness.
The couple's massage and Welcome Gift with 100 ml extra virgin olive oil and olive oil soap are a touch of authentic Apulian luxury that will make your thought unforgettable. Instead of searching for the perfect gift in stores, give the gift of a unique and unforgettable experience. Book now on our website and get ready to see your gift recipient's eyes light up with joy. Let Masseria Torrelonga be the setting for special moments with those you love. Don't miss the opportunity to give the gift of warmth, relaxation and well-being. Choose our fall and winter promotion to make the occasion truly unique.

Dolce Gabbana

Once again the beauty of Puglia bewitches big names: Dolce & Gabbana choose the territories of the Itria Valley to present their haute couture creations this summer. From July 7 to 11, the two stylists will be engaged in a multi-day event that is part of the Grand Tour of Italy that began in 2012 in Taormina, which is sure to attract big names and protagonists of international fashion: a good opportunity to indulge in a bit of stargazing, or rather, celeb-gazing! The picturesque landscapes of some of the most characteristic towns of the Murgia plateau territory, which stretches between the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, will be the backdrop: not much is known yet about the choice of locations, but rumors are already circulating about an event organized among the trulli of the town of Alberobello. This is not the first haute couture event of international scope for Puglia: before the presentation of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana presented their Gucci and Dior collections at Castel del Monte and Piazza Duomo in Lecce, respectively, while the alleys of Bari vecchia and the seafront welcomed precisely the Dolce & Gabbana designers in 2017 for their advertising campaign.   Summer 2023: vacations under the banner of high fashion Masseria Torrelonga has elegant and refined rooms, suitable for every kind of need, perfect for your stay under the banner of the creativity of the Italian sartorial tradition: the tradition and ancient details characteristic of the masseria symbolize the way of living and looking at beauty typical of the Apulian territory. A way of living and looking at life that has enraptured and conquered even the greatest fashion designers, who have decided to pay homage to Puglia by entrusting the territory with the presentation of their creations. The masseria is immersed in nature, located in the heart of Puglia, in the province of Fasano, the territory of Valle d'Itra: a strategic location that allows easy access to the most interesting places in the area such as Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino. Staying at the masseria, you will have the possibility to easily reach all the locations that will be announced for the event of the maison of Dolce & Gabbana this summer and you will be able to immerse yourself in an environment full of charm and luxury, enjoying the spotlight of one of the most famous fashion maisons in the world and fully experiencing the meeting between Apulian hospitality and Italian high fashion. Scroll through our proposals and choose your favorite room for your high fashion vacation in Puglia for summer 2023.

Easter vacations in Apulia 2023

In Apulia, Easter is a deeply felt event, full of characteristic and exciting encounters not to be missed. The most famous involve the processional events of Holy Week, which have always been an important reference for the community in terms of participation and emotional involvement. Medieval testimonies that return to remind us of our roots, and mingle with the echoes of a Baroque present in the churches and palaces that adorn our cities like jewels. In homes, preparations for Easter are in full swing, amid recipes with traditional scents and flavors, while in cities, unique events such as processions, religious rites, bonfires are being prepared and families gather to celebrate this much-felt event. A unique Holy Week that is declined in different ways from province to province, in terms of symbolism, customs and popular participation. The emotional paths dedicated to Easter are really many here in Puglia, you can choose many cities to visit to experience unique and unforgettable moments ranging from Good Friday to Easter Monday.   Where to stay in Puglia for Easter 2023 Masserias are an ideal place to spend and fully experience this cathartic moment. In these historic structures you can breathe fresh, clean air thanks to the strategic location that allows you to stay a few kilometers from the main tourist centers, but at the same time live in a bucolic and naturalistic environment. Masseria Torrelonga is in fact, located in the heart of Puglia, a few steps from the sea of Torre Canne, one of the most fascinating coastlines of Puglia, and from the main villages of major interest such as Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino. Here you can wake up in a relaxing environment thanks to the nature that surrounds the facility and visit a different village every day where you can appreciate Easter processions for this 2023. At the facility our staff will be able to provide the main information about the Easter events of 2023 that will take place in the centers nearby. From Salento to the Ionian coast, which is an hour away from the facility, rejuvenating seaside walks await you! In addition, each of our guests will be delighted by an authentic Apulian breakfast made with local raw materials by our expert cooks. In short, a truly relaxing stroll through Apulian history, culture, folklore and tradition awaits you this year at Easter! Book your stay, choosing from our charming, elegant and comfortable suites to ensure your comfort and relaxation.   Choose your favorite room and contact us to block your vacation in Puglia for Easter 2023.

A holiday in Puglia also in Autumn!

The autumn season is among the best to experience your stay in Puglia: the temperatures are mild and pleasant, the neighbouring towns are preparing for their celebrations, very popular events in this area, which offer shows, entertainment, music, but above all excellent local typical Apulian food! Moreover, in the colder months it is possible to organize walks in the most beautiful villages without finding endless queues, confusion and exorbitant prices! Life becomes slower, adapting to the passing of time, without ever missing anything! But it doesn't end there: October is the month of chestnuts and excursions which are organized in Puglia to reach the most popular destinations and pick the fruit from the trees. Experiences that you will cherish forever in your heart!   Staying in the Masseria: live a unique experience in Puglia The Apulian Masserie are the symbol of this land, strcutures of inestimable beauty, some dating back to the Middle Ages. As a sign of love and compassion, the Apulians have decided to carry out a conservative restoration of the Masserie present, recovering their beauty still over time and bringing them back to their original harmony. In this way not only the territory is enhanced, but impressive structures can be revived to make them known to the Italian and foreign public. Each faithful restoration, such as the one that was made for Masseria Torrelonga, transfers new energy that heals the mind and body of the traveller. These structures are immersed in nature, far from the most chaotic cities, but one step away from the most fascinating towns of Puglia. Today many are structures used to welcome tourists, in unique environments with a timeless charm. It is possible to book holidays with solutions designed for every need and thus disconnect from the daily routine. In particular, Masseria Torrelonga offers rooms for romantic stays, spacious, bright and equipped with every comfort, such as a fridge, a TV, wi-fi, air conditioning, armchairs and well-designed furniture. With a refined and elegant taste, the rooms of Masseria Torrelonga perfectly combine the ancient style of the structure with the contemporary and modern one. The large spaces surrounding the structure will welcome you warmly, for a unique experience. If we haven't convinced you yet, click here and take a look at Masseria Torrelonga, the winter location of Masseria Brigantino, where you can experience Puglia at 360 ° even in the coldest seasons!

The history of the ancient Masserie of Puglia

To get to know a place in depth, it is necessary to know the habits, the history, the traditions of those who live there. There is nothing more authentic and real than the roots of a land to get to know and experience a journey to the fullest. The farms of Puglia are the emblem of rural life, rich in history, stories, anecdotes and excerpts of peasant life that today represent one of the most popular destinations in the place. Let's discover together the evocative history of these historic houses.   The birth of the Masserie The history of the Apulian farms really dates back to the mists of time. The term masseria derives from household goods, that is, the set of everyday household objects and agricultural tools that were stored inside. The fundamental figure of the farms was that of the housewives, that is the women who carried out all the domestic and kitchen work here. Even today this figure is present in the farms, and they take care of the rooms and the kitchen. In the farms used as structures to host tourists, it is possible to take advantage of many services such as the Cooking Class, a unique and unforgettable experience, where housewives meet guests to teach them the preparation of local dishes such as orecchiette, panzerotti, focaccia, and much more. , making foreigners and non-foreigners appreciate the real Apulian cuisine. The farms were large agricultural buildings used as stables, deposits for fodder and inhabited by farm laborers and by the landowners themselves. Today the same areas that were once dedicated to the animals of the farm have found a new intended use, highlighted by modern furnishings with every comfort and ease combined with ancient and unique details such as the vaults, columns, niches and alcoves. . The widest development, however, took place at the end of the 1400s when the farm took on a defensive as well as agricultural utility. In particular, the Turkish invasion of 1480 pushed the population to build farms in order to protect crops and animals from raids on the agenda. In fact, today in many farms we find structures called sighting towers, which were used to better defend the structure. With the passing of the centuries and with the advent of the industrial revolution, the farms gradually lose their importance and in many cases are abandoned. Today, after a great revaluation of the territory, the farms come back to life of their own and in many cases have been transformed into accommodation facilities and residences of various types.   The typical structure of a masseria The characteristics of the farms are an integral part of their history. They took on an articulated structure in which the lodgings of the peasants coexisted, and the lodgings of the lords, the stables, the deposits for fodder and crops and the premises for the processing of products. As a court house of Mediterranean tradition, the farm has a single large central space (courtyard or courtyard) also with the function of a farmyard, overlooked by the entrances of the various residential and work buildings. Many farms were equipped with ovens and tanks for collecting rainwater which gave the structure complete independence from the nearest village. In the most important farms there was also a chapel or a small church. The farms have always been radically connected to the territory on which they arose and Puglia is dotted with these particular buildings which, depending on the area in which they were built, take on different and unique characteristics: from trulli, to towers, from wide arches to fortified buildings, with unique and ancient details. Discover the beauty of the farm, stay at Torrelonga and live a unique and unforgettable experience. Click here to book your holiday in Puglia.